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Introducing Pages and Pods

I am an avid reader who also obsessed with podcasts. It’s probably why I do not listen to audiobooks, my ears already have an audio home.

Before I get into Pages and Pods: I want to state somewhere that this does not mean that I am against audiobooks. I have a deep respect for the care and attention they need. I just haven’t found my way to them. If you need them or even if you just like audiobooks more- it is still reading. It will always still be reading. I am so glad you are reading. Let’s talk about it.

Pages and Pods:

I recently picked up The Witch’s Heart by Genevive Gornichec because I am a sucker for Celtic knots. The story is awesome, but the cover really grabbed me. I barely read the blurb before going “okay yes”. The afternoon before I opened this book, I was running errands. This is when I tuned into a favorite podcast of mine: You’re Dead to Me.

It happened to be an episode titled: Old Norse Literature. I read the first few pages of The Witch’s Heart that night and found myself eternally grateful for that episode. While I am familiar with Norse Mythology, I am not steeped in it. Old Norse Literature was a nice and entertaining primer with more interesting information to keep in mind while reading.

BAM. An idea hits. I was probably driving or in the shower the next day- that is when all good ideas happen: delayed and when you can’t write anything down.

What if I paired books with podcasts? I can look at my bookshelf and think of episodes or series to pair with a few on a whim. In addition- it’s going to motivate me to not just listen to true crime podcasts. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when a single episode is going to tip you into the not-good-feelings.

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As of writing this, I have a few starting in the pipeline. One of which is the aforementioned pair of The Witch’s Heart and You’re Dead to Me’s Old Norse Literature episode. However, of course this idea hits as I’m also trying to move cities. It will take a bit to truly develop- but I am so excited to get started!

Hope you enjoy!