podcast reviews

Review: Chameleon- Wild Boys

The boys, Tom, and Will Green were “from the bush”. They grew up off the grid and were sick of the lifestyle. So they came to Vernon, camped out behind the general store- and the town rose to the challenge.

Series Release Day Review: Let's Talk about Atlantis!

Liv simply does this with her usual style, and notably with some music choices that had me perking from the first chord. We are eased through what Plato set up in his Dialogues, what people think Atlantis is now, and where we are going with this mini series over the next few weeks.

Review: NASA's Curious Universe

This is a well done podcast that will be an excellent addition to many rotations. For me, I’ll be using it as a palette cleanser between true crime and thriller podcasts. Make this the podcast for that little star-gazer in you.

State of the Blog: Monday June 12th 2021

Scroll down for: What Happened and What’s Coming I’ve been dancing around having a website built and working with something or other. I built a version of Mentally? A Magpie pre