What is with Magpie and Podcasts?

Mentally? A Magpie started as a place for me to throw my thoughts on random curiosities. At one point, it was books and then we snowballed into all of the podcasts. I never really felt like I had a niche in my interests, which is where magpies come in. Corvids of all types collect various things like I collect various fun facts. I, mentally, am like a magpie.

I decided to write in review form because I felt like podcasters needed that. The book industry has a healthy supply of critical reviewers, but the podcast industry seems lacking.

A Few Things You Might Be Wondering:

Where are the stars? -I don't like star ratings because I've always felt like they were a cop-out*.

Do you like all of the podcasts you write about? I only write about podcasts I like.

I do this as a serious hobby right now, so I only want to fill my time writing about what I like. I don't enjoy the idea of "hate-liking" something. I'm still honest and realistic about reviews- but I don't think it's best to review something that's not my cup of tea.

Why didn't I review your podcast?

If I didn't review your podcast, I may not have had time. I may not have thought it was ready. I may just not enjoy what you are specifically producing. The podcast critic space is growing. Follow me and others - someone will bite eventually. Keep going if you really are passionate. It's the best thing to do.

How Do I Submit?

My submission form is here. I also will accept press releases via email, if you have those.

Oh, You Actually Wanted to Know Something About Me?

Yes! People do want to know about me. I'm Keelin!

I have a BFA in Theatre and Spanish, and I now work in theatre administration. I grew up in Western New York (Go Bills) and now live in New Jersey with The Other and our fluffy cat. I spend my time outside of podcasts reading, crafting, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and petting every dog I can.

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*if you see my review on Great Pods, there is a number attached to it that is not always my evaluation - it is sometimes the evaluation of Great Pods based on my review.