What is with Magpie and Podcasts?

Mentally? A Magpie started as a place for me to throw my thoughts on random curiosities. Books of all sorts and then all of the podcasts. I never really felt like I had a niche in my interests, which is where magpies come in. Corvids of all types collect various things like I collect various fun facts. I, mentally, am like a magpie.

I decided to write in review form because I really felt like podcasters need that. The book industry has a healthy supply of critical reviewers, but the podcast industry seemed lacking.

A Few Things You Might Be Wondering:

Where are the stars? -I don't like star ratings because I've always felt like they were a cop-out*.

Do you like all of the podcasts you write about?  I only write about podcasts I like.

I do this as a serious hobby right now, so I only want to fill my time writing about what I like. I don't enjoy the idea of "hate-liking" something. I'm still honest and realistic about reviews- but I don't think it's best to review something that's not my cup of tea.

Why didn't I review your podcast?

If I didn't review your podcast, I may not have had time. I may not have thought it was ready. I may just not enjoy what you are specifically producing. The podcast critic space is growing. Follow me and others and someone will bite eventually. Keep going if you really are passionate. It's the best thing to do.

How Do I Submit?

My submission form is here. I also will accept press releases via email, if you have those.

Oh, You Actually Wanted to Know Something About Me?

Yes! People do want to know about me. I'm Keelin!

I have a BFA in Theatre and Spanish, and now work in theatre administration. I grew up in Western New York (Go Bills) and now live in New Jersey with The Other and our fluffy cat. I spend my time outside of podcasts reading, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and petting every dog I can.

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*if you see my review on Great Pods, there is a number attached to it that is not always my evaluation - it is sometimes the evaluation of Great Pods based on my review.