The Monthly Magpie: January 2023

The Monthly Magpie: January 2023

Happy 2023 Everyone!

We are “skipping” December 2022. It did not happen. It does not exist.

Not really. I’ve just been doing the Monthly Magpie for a bit now and want to take the new calendar year to adjust some things. This one might be a little longer as I have some…

Housekeeping to Attend To:

The Monthly Magpie will now be dropping on the first Friday of every month and will be labeled as the month they’re dropping in. You’ll still get the previous month’s reviews, it’s just not going to be dropping December’s in January’s calendar month. It will hopefully be a little cleaner.

My goal for 2022 was two reviews a month. I want to keep this going. Regular review drop days will now be Mondays and Wednesdays, with Release Day Reviews being sprinkled in around there. I’d love to grow to a weekly review this year, but I don’t know if that is sustainable for me.

Some aesthetic changes are starting to creep in, little by little. You may have noticed my revisited reviews have had a new header. I’m playing around with things to see how I like them. I’m not sure where exactly I’m going on this train, but it has involved color-grabbing images of literal magpie birds so, who knows?

As of writing this, the Monthly Magpie has 86 subscribers. 86 people is both a lot and a little. Imagine standing in a room with 86 people. Staring. Waiting for you to say something. Thankfully, we're not all in the same room and I only have to imagine it.

I am very thankful to everyone who has dropped in and decided these monthly updates are worth your email. I want to start monetizing eventually, but I intend to keep The Monthly Magpie free for everyone.

This brings me to the next section, don’t we love segues?

Introducing The Magpie Muses

These will start to pepper up throughout this year. While I have some things in the wings that will give me an alternate outlet as a writer, sometimes there are just things I want to ponder on in podcasting that doesn’t feel like they have a space anywhere. Consider them bonuses for now!

Onto the December Reviews

Goodbye 2022, you were fine.

I really, really loved doing these Release Day Reviews Revisited. If you have thoughts on them, please let me know!

Release Day Review Revisited: Vanishing Postcards, the Route 66 Season

I know, the original review wasn’t exactly a release day review, but I discussed season one for the release of season two. The second season is The Route 66 Season, and Evan Stern continues on this path of clinging to memories of places being forgotten. In an increasingly divided America, where people often feel forgotten about, this podcast is an increasingly important project, I really love both seasons of this podcast and can’t wait to see what future seasons bring.

Review Here

Podlink Here

Release Day Review Revisited: The Loudest Girl in the World

One of those podcasts I waited to complete listening to. I loved the heart, truth, and overall message of this podcast. Autism is a hefty three-syllable word, and everyone should know a little bit more about it.

Review Here

Podlink Here

Release Day Review Revisited: Missing Pages

Pull back the curtain and find some of the fascinating stories behind publishing scandals. Missing Pages is a podcast I really enjoy, but can't fully vibe with listening to episode after episode. It's a great podcast with engaging stories and wonderful production value that diving in for a marathon was the wrong choice for me.

Review Here

Podlink Here

I also reviewed The Atlantis Series from Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! in full, and have posted that if you want to find it. I will be revisiting Death By Dying later in January once I feel like their feed has had enough to revisit. The team has been adjusting the release schedule with their new season.

More Podcasts I Listened To:

You're Dead to Me

Art of History


Nobody Should Believe Me

Other Things

Podcast Related: the Podcasting Discord is chugging along. If you want to join, let me know and I’ll send you a link!

Not podcast related: I got a new Kindle for Christmas, and have also commandeered my Other’s Steamdeck to play Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. I am enjoying revisiting other hobbies outside of podcasting. I have a full-time job and do this as my pseudo-part-time thing so it’s important to find balance. Balance sparks joy!

I also have been sewing more again and purchased this gorgeous coquelicot skirt pattern to try. I am about to find out if I am an “advanced beginner” sew person. Honestly, I probably am considering I literally took classes on how to sew clothing in college. I just have zero confidence in myself. The best part though: It has pockets!  

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