State of the Blog: July 7th 2021

Hello everyone!

Here it is: a shiny new Magpie. A brainchild with a big dream, that COVID postponed and made foggy.

I’ve bounced around a few ideas of what my “niche” should be, and what I want to be doing. Magpie came and went, and now I really think it has a place it can go. I’m not the type of person that sits nicely in a niche. I genuinely love learning, and I am interested in a lot of different things. I want to talk about them. Sure, I’m a bit of a “master of none” but I believe that’s what I’m supposed to be.

Discussing interesting things for me takes mainly the form of podcasts and books – so I’ll review them. Maybe I’ll post an overview of someone I found that I think is interesting. Who knows? I’m developing this and we can go on this ride together.

As a general note: Typically I do not like starred reviews, however if my reviews are also going somewhere else (Like GreatPods, check them out) I might add on one for ease. Why don’t I like starred reviews? They’re subjective. If I don’t like what I read or listen to: but it’s still well done I might be compelled to give it a low star review that might turn someone away. So, I discuss it.

I invite you to join me in these meanderings. I try to be funny sometimes (I’m not) but mostly I just like interesting things. “I just saw…” being one of my favorite things to say.

Comment, follow me on Instagram and Twitter (iamkeelinit) and let’s see where the state of the blog goes.