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The Monthly Magpie: February 2023

I got 12 new subscribers this month which is the biggest spike in a while. So, I've decided we're going to do a quick re-introduction of who I am and what I do. If you have thoughts, podcasts to share, or just want to say hi you can comment or if this is in your inbox - hit reply!

The Monthly Magpie November 2023

October was a sprinting month for me, but now it's time to look at revisiting reviews from the past year for December. This year we're doing ranked choice voting on seven podcasts. The Top Four will be getting a Release Day Review Revisited in December!

The Monthly Magpie October 2023

We will never read every book, watch every movie, or listen to every podcast. It’s okay! It’s important that we listen to what we like, and what will make us better humans. It’s about balance, and we’re going to find that together.