The Monthly Magpie: February 2023

The shortest month of the year may be here, but I feel like January was the shortest month ever. It came and went so fast that I can't believe all I've gotten done, and yet I feel like I have to do so much. It's funny how that works isn't it?

I  decided that in 2023 I want to be more consistent with Magpie, and I already feel myself enjoying the planning aspect of that. While I don't have impressive stats for it, I feel better about how I'm starting to run this website. I am a first page hit on Google for a number of podcast reviews. I think that's fun, even if people don't always click to it. Tiny victories are still victories!


I am working out how to incorporate Release Day Reviews more seamlessly. I only post podcast reviews on Mondays or Wednesdays unless I have a Release Day Reviews. I'm not sure if I like this so far, since if I don't post by Wednesday it seems obvious that I'm reviewing something that's coming out. We will see.

I'm trying some light style changes every issue of The Monthly Magpie. If you have thoughts on what you liked or disliked, please respond! I'm here to write reviews and I want to make this newsletter worth it. Let me know why it's worth it to you, or if you would be open to other types of content from me. I am listening.

I also am trying to rev up Instagram more. I'm over there at IAmKeelinIt so stop by!

January Reviews!

Release Day Review Revisited: Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! -Atlantis Mini-Series

Review Excerpt: Episodes are longer, around the 45-90 minute range. This isn’t one of those podcasts that are studio-level polished from big production companies. Still, it is more than passable when considering quality, ad insertion, and other typical production gripes.

Full Review Here

Link to Mini-Series Here

Podcast Review: Nobody Should Believe Me

Review Excerpt: I chose this podcast because it’s one of those ones that deftly uses the true crime atmosphere and “craze” to bring forward an under-discussed topic. This isn’t a true crime podcast... Instead, this is an extremely personal series examining medical child abuse through a careful, emotional lens.

Full Review Here

Podlink Here

Release Day Review: Digital Folklore

Review Excerpt: The forty-ish minute episodes toe the line between interview and fiction podcast mechanics of storytelling. You have settings for each episode that aren’t your studio, characters that may or may not actually be interview subjects, and a pet raccoon. He is Digby, who makes our Mason 50% more productive at editing “just by being there”.

Full Review Here

Podlink Here

Podcast Review: Modes of Thought in Anterran Literature

Excerpt: I am keeping in mind my hypothesis that this podcast is just the right story with the right medium, with the right group of people behind it to push that “wow” factor forward.

Full Review Here

Podlink Here

Final Thoughts

I do have a review coming out today! It's a February one but head on over to the website proper for the Release Day Review.

Winter is tough for everyone, and the Northern Hemisphere is just starting to come out of it. Mental health is very important to me, so I try to be kinder through the darker months. Take a moment and find a way to be kinder to others, but also to yourself. We do hard things by being people in this world, and we deserve to give ourselves grace when the light is hardest to see.

Otherwise, find me on social media at IAmKeelinIt, DM me for an invite to the Podcast Community Discord, and have a great February! I can't wait to write more reviews!