The Monthly Magpie: January 2024

The Monthly Magpie: January 2024

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions. I honestly prefer the re-set of spring cleaning to get things going regarding personal change. However, this year I decided to start planting my seeds for spring sooner. So I'm moving into 2024 with more intention. I have minimal outlines for this, but overall I have goals. I'm hoping spending January to March planning outlines will lead to what are hopefully some exciting things in this space. Like guys, I made a Reel the other day. Weird.

I want Magpie to grow into something awesome. I want to build a community of podcast enthusiasts that people can walk into "off the street" so to speak. I've always tried to keep my reviews new-listener-oriented.

2024 Me: I am weirdly obsessed with podcasts. I will not be quiet about it.

I even started a podcast journal to help with the whole concept of being "intentional" and one week in, it's weird to me because I've never been one to journal. I am finding it super gratifying to sit and pen thoughts as I'm going. If you want to join me check out the Canva template here, and consider sharing some prompts to think about when listening!

My December Reviews

A cute, delightful, and overall delicious audio drama! Not done being in the Christmas Spirit? Click on the image above for the review.

I would listen to so many podcasts in this format. Do you not want to read the full Elon Musk biography, but maybe want to peek behind the curtain? Click on the image to read my review of the podcast talking about the book.

2023 in Reviews

We haven't had enough review posts, have we? Let's add mine with the five most visited posts from the year.

Total Views in 2023: 14k

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Thank You

I say this every month, but knowing that on average 60% of the people who subscribe to this open it, and some of you even click through links, is really important to me. Podcasting is such a special, exciting, and interesting medium and I just want to share that with the world. Thank you for being here. My final ask is that if you think you know someone who would like my reviews, share this email with them! Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to your favorite podcasts.