Sunday Slant Recommendation: Taboo Topics

Sunday Slant Recommendation: Taboo Topics

I love a clever slant rhyme. You know the lyrics where the couplet doesn't match perfectly, but it still feels great? That's a slant rhyme.

When I recommend podcasts in passing, a lot of the time I do it in the same way a poet slants a rhyme. I give an almost fit and some rhyme more than others - this has often been a hit among my friends so I'm now bringing them to my readers. I'm not sure how consistent this will be - but if you like it let me know!

These recommendations are meant to go both ways, if you like one try the other. I'll be doing this one in a contextual order - which means Podcast 1 will lead well into Podcast 2. However, if you've already picked up Podcast 2, I'm pretty sure you'll love Podcast 1!

Podcast #1 Conflicted: A History Podcast's Mini Series on The Kinsey Report

I did a full review of Conflicted a while back. I returned to the podcast because this was more of a societal conflict than a military one. Colloquially known as The Kinsey Report, the podcast covers the sensation and reaction to Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and its follow up study Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. These were massive studies of sexuality in the United States. If you know anything about The United States, it is a country that could pretty much be labeled "prudish". Puritan beliefs run deep, and despite Hollywood and Kinsey's best efforts, sex is still very much a hush-hush topic.

This is an excellent, deeply researched three-part series that treats the subject matter with great respect. Alfred Kinsey was really the breakthrough scientist who took studying sex seriously, but also had many human faults as every scientist does. This mini series recounts his life, his studies, and the reaction to his studies all wrapped up in a great narrative story. All of the episodes are out, and it's a lot of listening. I suggest breaking it up with some other podcast. Maybe even Podcast #2.

Listen to the series below:

The Kinsey Report – Part 1
Listen to The Kinsey Report – Part 1 from Conflicted: A History Podcast wherever you get your podcasts!

Podcast #2 Taboo Science: Philias Mini Series

This is the first Mini-series from Taboo Science, and it's not completed yet. However, the first few episodes are out!

This mini-series dives into sexual taboos, think BDSM, Furries, and more. Through great conversations with scientists studying Philias and people within these various communities, host Ashley Hamer explores how what's "taboo" probably isn't as taboo as we think it is, much like Alfred Kinsey did with the more basic ideas of sexuality.

I love how this podcast brings the awkward into the normal and gets at the root of what's important when talking about "taboo" topics. Whether it's related to sex or not. Episodes are relaxed, easy to understand, and face topics head-on with all the awkwardness and fun shame to break down the tension.

As a bonus for my romance novel readers: I'll also add the episode "Attraction to Monsters (With Ella Gallego" as a suggestion, even if it's not officially in the Philias series. This is a great episode to get used to listening to the discussion of the topics at hand.

Episodes for Philias are considerably shorter than they are for the series on the Kinsey report from Conflicted, which is why building a queue around these two series might bring you some extra insights when they work together.

Listen to the series below:

Philias: How Many Kinks Exist? The Science of Kinks and Fetishes
Listen to Philias: How Many Kinks Exist? The Science of Kinks and Fetishes from Taboo Science wherever you get your podcasts!

Overall, if you're curious about the study and practice of life between the sheets, especially in the United States, and are too afraid to ask - let these podcasts serve as a way to get your feet wet. Starting with Conflicted brings you a historical and cultural context in the United States, and moving into Taboo Science will give you more of a here-and-now of these topics.

Let me know what you think of this pairing, and if you have one to suggest!