Sunday Slant Recommendation: Small Moments

Sunday Slant Recommendation: Small Moments

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Slant Recommendation Sunday where I give you two podcasts that go together, but not quite like you’d expect. They're meant to be short and to get you to the podcast in question through a simple thought.

Today’s matching is all about the warm, cozy, thoughtful vibes. It’s about audio not being sacrificed to tell a story, and it’s about the power of a seemingly small thing. Both of these podcasts have been reviewed already so they will be familiar to longtime readers. 

The point is that audio-based stories can be just as breathtaking as any other type of documentary or memoir. Especially because the bites of beauty are small and so seemingly insignificant. Put a microphone up to a moment, and you really can capture some wonderful things. 

Podcast One: Bitter/Sweet

Bitter/Sweet takes on the memories of best dishes. Rarely is it the restaurant with the five year waiting list, but more about the experience of the food they were eating. Go down memory lane and hear what makes a meal a memorable experience. 

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Podcast Review: Bitter/Sweet
This podcast gives you that peace, and the chance to make listening to it an experience - just like with the food it’s talking about. Figure out how you want to listen to this podcast and make it intentional for a full experience.

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Podcast Two: Lowlines 

Lowlines is a podcast that treks through the lower latitudes of the continental 48 United State and further south. The key phrase is “pulse of place”. Starting in Louisiana and moving to Arizona, Mexico, and then Peru. We are taken on a journey that is a sonic scrapbook of exploration and discovery. It is taking a thing and examining it for what it is, and it is beautiful. 

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Review: Lowlines
Some podcasts are meant to be devoured, in a bubble bath, with the world around you turned down a few notches.

Listen to Lowlines below.

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These podcasts don’t have to be listened to in any sort of order. It’s more of a flavor profile of sound that if you listen to one, you will probably like the other. These works are good for cozy times, favorite beverages, and when we want to slow down and feel appreciative. 

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