Review: Outside/In

So I am reviewing this podcast not just because it’s great, and from a local radio station*, but also because it’s like coming home to damp earth, fresh air, and great conversation.

Review: Strange Arrivals

I’m not against the idea of aliens being real. I honestly have a love/hate relationship with the idea of us being alone, or not alone in the universe. The most important thing is to move through these thought processes with more than a grain of salt.

Review: Pale Blue Pod

Each episode has a setting that has to do with the topic of conversation. It effectively draws you into the mood with a quiet ambiance, giving the podcast an extra layer of cozy as you try to wrap your head around the universe.

Review: Moonrise

While interspersed with interviews and clips from the past, there is no choppiness to the story or quality. This is a gorgeous glide of audio documentary to listen to.