The Monthly Magpie: May 2024

The Monthly Magpie: May 2024

It’s May! The sun is shining! The birds are singing and I age another year. That’s right friends, my birthday is at the end of May and I’m a Gemini. Do with that information what you will. 

I took a small social media break in April. It was the weekend of the Taylor Swift release and my social media wasn’t going to listen to me blab on about podcasts and coffee. I realized how much time I spend staring at my phone, so we’re doing a general reset. We’re trying to take more hikes, go camping, and in general make sure our apartment garden isn’t the only nature we encounter. 

I love the connectivity of social media, but that doesn’t change the fact that it becomes soul-sucking. It’s about balance, intention, as well as respect for yourself and others. The downfall of Twitter became a personal rise of Discord, and I’m loving the communities I’m building and being a part of. If a podcast or creator has a Discord community, try it out even if it’s overwhelming at first. It’s a little better than shouting into the void. 

Speaking of shouting into the void, I’ve started an experiment of Sunday Slant Recommendations. Slant recommendations are a nod to the slant rhyme in poetry. A good slant rhyme feels good, and so does a good slant pairing. These are podcast pairings that won’t necessarily be on a list together, but still work well as some type of related. As the kids say “it’s about the vibe”. 

April Reviews

Review: Empire
When I first picked up the podcast to learn more about the winding history of the Islamic empire I was hesitant. How could such a big topic be made into arguably short episodes?
Review: Long Shadow
I think my age and aspects of my natural curiosity leaned me away from America in the 80s to the early oughts, which is what happens to most children when they’re dreaming about being astronauts and movie stars. Long Shadow taught me a lot about those blindspots and what I had been missing
Review: Outside/In
So I am reviewing this podcast not just because it’s great, and from a local radio station*, but also because it’s like coming home to damp earth, fresh air, and great conversation.

April Pairings 

Slant Recommendation Sunday: Fact or Fictitious
This is the podcast pairing that got me thinking of pairing podcasts that work well together but won’t necessarily be side by side on a list.
Slant Recommendation: Space Meet Art
This is a podcast pairing of an episode and a series. I wanted to put these two together to really get you thinking about how art and science can, has, and does interact with each other. I hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you have a pairing like this.

Other Things

Did you watch Fallout? I didn’t but I have been playing Fallout4 out of curiosity. I’ve been enjoying it when I can, but there’s also a lot of records to be had.

April saw Record Store Day and Independent Book Store Day. I partook in Record Store Day. We got the Record Store Day Exclusive 7" of the single "Girl from the Record Shop" by Frank Turner* and then got our hands on a Sister Rosetta Tharpe Live in France. I'm excited to have so much

Sadly, I didn’t read much to talk about this month. I'm trying to get into historical fiction again because there’s a Kate Quinn novel coming out and I feel like I need to prepare. Have I been successful in this? Not quite. Libby has been a boon but I haven’t been feeling sinking into a book that doesn’t have a guaranteed happily ever after. Romance has been spoiling me in the comfort of cozy, so if you have anything with a happily ever after book-wise, send it my way. 

Happy Birthday to Me

Do you want to get me something for my birthday? Please, please share this newsletter with someone. I write monthly to not overwhelm you,  If you want, let me know if you listened to a podcast I’ve reviewed, or just say hi! I’m really excited that Magpie is growing slowly but surely, and I get to share so many wonderful podcasts with more and more people. 

*whose 10th studio album Undefeated comes out today. I've been listening to a lot of "Do One" lately.