Slant Recommendation Sunday: Fact or Fictitious

Slant Recommendation Sunday: Fact or Fictitious

This is the podcast pairing that got me thinking of pairing podcasts that work well together but won't necessarily be side by side on a list. Sure, some podcasts might seem obvious when you think about it - but they may not match like suggesting Today Explained to compliment something like Up First.

These two podcasts are heavy hitters when it comes to trigger warnings. Always, please proceed with caution. There are so many wonderful podcasts out there, so if these two aren't for you - explore my website for more options and ideas.

Podcast #1: Scamanda

If you want an in-depth review, I have one here. This podcast investigates and recounts the story of a woman who lied to the world about her cancer diagnosis. Amanda Reilly received donations for her treatments, trips across the country, visits with stars, and more. This podcast looks at this situation step by step, from suspicions to the investigation to the trial.

While the podcast doesn't speculate so much on a diagnosis, the idea of Munchausen syndrome is there under the surface. This is also known as fictitious disorder. The public was made aware of this most notably by the case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, whose mother is thought to have suffered from fictitious disorder imposed on another.

Listen to Scamanda below.

Listen to Scamanda wherever you get your podcasts!

Podcast #2: Nobody Should Believe Me

Another podcast that I reviewed here, looks at medical child abuse. This is the criminal charge of the action that typically is seen around fictitious disorder imposed on another. In other words, this podcast breaks down what it can look like when a parent is seeking and demanding medical care to the point where it is harmful to the child. Unnecessary feeding tubes, heavy experimental drugs, and even more are often inflicted on a child whose parent is abusing them via medical means.

These are heartwrenching, deeply personal stories from advocates who work not only on telling the stories but investigating them.

This podcast brings to light a type of abuse that is very hard to prove. Who wants to believe a parent who is seeking medical care is actually harming their child? This should not happen, yet come to find, may be more common than we want to believe.

Listen to Nobody Should Believe Me below

Nobody Should Believe Me
Listen to Nobody Should Believe Me wherever you get your podcasts!

I hope you like this pairing. Comment if you have your slant recommendation. We'll see you next week with the next one!