Release Day Review: Intra-Quest

Release Day Review: Intra-Quest

I often say "I don't really listen to audio dramas" and I finally feel like that's becoming a lie. When I interact relatively frequently with people who have had 10+ years in the audio drama space, though, I feel it's the truth. It's all relative!

I try to keep relatively in mind always. My goal here is to write reviews for everyone, with consideration for people coming to podcasting for the first time. I know I get overwhelmed with the options: from players to podcasts there are so many options to jump into. My current "to listen" folder has 60+ podcasts in it, and it's constantly fighting with podcasts I know I want to listen to. How are you all supposed to choose, and to know what's worth listening to?

With that in mind, this review, like most of mine, tries to address a number of things in a relatively quick, easy fashion. As a Release Day Review, I only got a single episode to judge on. Some Release Day Reviews give me more, some only give me one episode.

All pieces of art have an audience, and I know Intra Quest will have it. However, I don't know if  this one will be the same for people who frequent the audio drama sphere. If you're starting out in this world, it feels like a good one to get your feet wet.

Intra Quest, from iHeart and Astrum Media comes, is a quirky sci-fi drama set in a time so far away from our civilization it doesn't feel connected to us at all. Through careful listening, though, it is. Little hints pop in here and there that connect this world to our own.

Production-wise, Intra Quest is comfortable quality, you're not brought out of the world by the audio itself. It does feel, however, like it wanted to be a television show. The design is overall solid. It's clear what's going on and when, but it doesn't feel as finessed as I feel like it could have for asking headphones for 3-d audio. Overall, it would have been easier to follow the worldbuilding with visual cues. The episode moves a quick 40 minutes, and it's not so easy to fall into it just to follow and feel the world out. There are so many hints that  podcast gives you to maybe tuck away for later, I wanted to have a notebook with my second listen-through.

If we discuss the characterization, I am most curious to see where this goes. We are met with three main characters. Ether, Sirius, and Logo. Each character fills a pretty typical set of fictional trio tropes. We have the charming leader (Ether), the big, strong, simple guy (Sirius) and the brains (Logo). In the first episode they sit in their expected positions in this little triangulation of characterization. Logo is a little annoying, Ether is mysterious, and Sirius has whispers of a caring heart beneath his brutish exterior.

Acting-wise, it's spot-on and fun. These characters come to life through deft voice acting, and clear direction of who they are and where they want to go. For our buddies Ether and Sirius, they want to go home from whence they were banished, and Logo seems to be on a quest to save and protect lost knowledge. At least, so far.  

When it comes down to it , Logo himself seems to be the most central point to the world building with his constant rattling off of information. I have some qualms with these characters presented to us in this first episode, but with the way the plotline twists at the end, with hints of further mystery incoming - I would like to withhold full judgement. I feel like this show in particular will deserve a revisit once I can get my ears on more audio.

To Listen to Intra Quest Podlink Here

Intra Quest will hold its secrets until we get more episodes. I think this will be a comfortable  podcast for newcomers to audio drama. If you're looking for another jump into audio drama and enjoy the world of sci-fi, consider SOLAR which I reviewed way back when. My review is here.

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