Audio Drama

Review: Build a Prince

This new audio drama brings us a familiar setup: a fictional European nation, royalty, and a nonroyal in a romantic storyline. It’s familiar, but better...

Review: The Sisters

The team here did a stunning job of transitioning the audio through time and space. You’re never quite left behind, but you’re never quite sure if the next scene is going to be in the same time.

Review: Academy

[This is] An audio drama from Wondery and At Will Media that’s quite good on the surface, but things about it sit uncomfortably as I listen. I don’t really think it’s wholly the fault of the podcast, but it’s a consideration I’m making as I write this review.

Review: Residents of Proserpina Park

My favorite part of this podcast design-wise is the theme song, which finds its way under dialogue across seasons. When it appears it almost is dropping us into the mood of a cozy video game, passing through Prosperpina Park with perhaps too much comfort.