Review: Long Shadow

I think my age and aspects of my natural curiosity leaned me away from America in the 80s to the early oughts, which is what happens to most children when they’re dreaming about being astronauts and movie stars. Long Shadow taught me a lot about those blindspots and what I had been missing

Review: Empire

When I first picked up the podcast to learn more about the winding history of the Islamic empire I was hesitant. How could such a big topic be made into arguably short episodes?

Review: Conflicted: A History Podcast

I love learning about history, and so I love history podcasts. Some are fun because they are coffee shop conversations, friends giving Wikipedia-style insights to each other through interesting conversations, creating a connection

Review: House of Skulls

It is heartwrenching, thought-provoking, and surreal to realize that this history is there and so interconnected with everything we know.

Review: Moonrise

While interspersed with interviews and clips from the past, there is no choppiness to the story or quality. This is a gorgeous glide of audio documentary to listen to.