Podcast Review

Review: Wind of Change

Released in 2020 and part of Tribeca that year, this is a hypnotizing podcast full of spies, political intrigue, and cultural exchange. It knocked my socks off as a story, and an example of a great podcast with atmosphere and ambiance.

Review: High Strange

Sometimes, a podcast just sounds in fashion and edgy. High Strange definitely plays with this in this podcast - giving the narrative a particularly engaging background as we travel back in time.

Review: Lost Women of Science

It doesn’t pull punches but also doesn’t expect you to know much about the season’s subject. It’s a difficult balance to strike, but this podcast was able to do that beautifully from the start.

Review: Ghost Herd

Across these six short episodes it at times feels like the reporting came up against a wall, probably because it did. It doesn’t take away from the quiet power of a story like this if you read between the lines.

Review: The Last Soviet

Pair all of this great storytelling with a design that’s like dessert for the ears, you’ll not only be hooked on this podcast - but possibly more of Kaleidoscope’s work.