Podcast Review

Review: Build a Prince

This new audio drama brings us a familiar setup: a fictional European nation, royalty, and a nonroyal in a romantic storyline. It’s familiar, but better...

Review: The Vanishing Point

The storytelling is intense, the production is smooth and almost soft despite the jagged edges of the subject matter. The echoes of the names still skirt across my consciousness, hours after listening to this podcast.

Review: Pale Blue Pod

Each episode has a setting that has to do with the topic of conversation. It effectively draws you into the mood with a quiet ambiance, giving the podcast an extra layer of cozy as you try to wrap your head around the universe.

Podcast Review: A CRISPR Bite

It can be a podcast for casual listening, it’s easy enough to understand informationally and production-wise. I have a feeling that people listening to this podcast are already interested in where their food comes from, and what’s happening to it

Review: House of Skulls

It is heartwrenching, thought-provoking, and surreal to realize that this history is there and so interconnected with everything we know.