Podcast Review

Review: Six Degrees of Cats

We can learn and be curious without it being an overly serious endeavor. Not everything has to be high brow, ivory tower educational to be respectful. Remember, curiosity may have killed the cat - but satisfaction did bring it back.

Review: Up and Vanished: In the Midnight Sun

Episodes are crisp, alluring, and are constantly pushing forward. Listeners get all the true crime anticipation, the mystery, the strong voice of a great host, and a compelling story that actually means something.

Review: Strange Arrivals

I’m not against the idea of aliens being real. I honestly have a love/hate relationship with the idea of us being alone, or not alone in the universe. The most important thing is to move through these thought processes with more than a grain of salt.

Review: Lowlines

Some podcasts are meant to be devoured, in a bubble bath, with the world around you turned down a few notches.

Review: The Nightingale of Iran

Through making this audio-documentary the sisters are learning about themselves, about a heritage that sometimes was too painful, and layers of culture they only can observe through the unraveling of time and the revealing of sound.