Podcast Review

Review: Ransom Position of Trust

The echoes of these tragedies are tendrils that deserve examination and thoughtful approach from every angle, from beginning to end. Even if it makes us uncomfortable.

Review: Come by Chance

The audio work itself is beautiful, with moments and pauses of consideration that are powerful - just like the island this podcast criss-crosses for answers.

Review: Because the Boss Belongs to Us

Hosts Jesse Lawson and Holly Casio are two queer folks on a mission to get Bruce Springsteen “Queer Icon” creds. They believe that quite possibly, he could count his name among the prestigious icons that are Madonna and Celine Dion (to name just two)

Release Day Review: How to Be Fine

The power here isn’t just the fact that the listener is along for a conversation that might spark a deep dive. It’s that in these two 30 minute episodes you have a level of realization and humanity that isn’t selling you something that will magically change your life in five payments of $19.99.