Podcast Review

Review: The Sisters

The team here did a stunning job of transitioning the audio through time and space. You’re never quite left behind, but you’re never quite sure if the next scene is going to be in the same time.

Review: Moonrise

While interspersed with interviews and clips from the past, there is no choppiness to the story or quality. This is a gorgeous glide of audio documentary to listen to.

Release Day Review: Incubation

If you’re looking for that polished podcast, this is one of them. The bonus is that these interviews are edited to tell a captivating story that wraps into the present day. Yes, of course, it wraps into this pesky pandemic we keep trying to forget is haunting us.

Review: Dear Alana,

I’m walking away, my heart aching, but full of hope. Alana may be gone, but now there is this central point where people can go and hear and know they are not alone.