Podcast Review

Review: The Raven

What makes it a Tenderfoot TV true-crime podcast is that there’s also heart. Through the episodes, you discover Livingston’s true connection to this story, a tragedy he once witnessed mirrors the murders

Review: Who Killed JFK?

Who Killed JFK? Is told across ten episodes and over five hours of audio, and it can’t seem to string it all together in podcast form. Even when listening to multiple episodes in a marathon, the hosts don’t tie everything together so that someone unfamiliar with the story will easily follow.

Review: Build a Prince

This new audio drama brings us a familiar setup: a fictional European nation, royalty, and a nonroyal in a romantic storyline. It’s familiar, but better...

Review: The Vanishing Point

The storytelling is intense, the production is smooth and almost soft despite the jagged edges of the subject matter. The echoes of the names still skirt across my consciousness, hours after listening to this podcast.