Society and Culture

Magpie Journals #7: What in the Podcast?

Podcasts are the weight of the player, and mostly the cost of the time. They can inform, delight, confound, and reassure. They can be what a book can be, or a movie, or a song. They have power, but it’s hard to find the way or the time or even the motivation to try something new.

Review: Dear Alana,

I’m walking away, my heart aching, but full of hope. Alana may be gone, but now there is this central point where people can go and hear and know they are not alone.

Review: A History of Coffee

This is a take-it-slow podcast, bringing you a dark history with the love of the final product and what coffee means on a societal level. It’s easy to listen to and understand...It feels warm, relaxing, and contemplative.

Review: Scamanda

The incredible effect of this podcast’s writing allows you to hold it at arm’s length and get through it, while also feeling both sides. The absolute horror of a cancer diagnosis, as well as the underlying suspicion dance back and forth.