Magpie Journals

Magpie Journal #10: Podcast Listeners

If you follow me on Threads you’ll see me ask “What podcast are you listening to today?” and shame those who post their own podcasts. The reason I’m asking these questions is because podcast listening is very lonely. It doesn’t have to be, and I think podcasters can do a lot to help.

Magpie Journal #9: Podcasts to Dip Your Toes In

I can’t imagine jumping into talk-show-type podcasts. Sure, everyone has a reason to listen to New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce right now - but these chat-style podcasts based around known people are just the tip of the iceberg in podcast land.

Magpie Journals #8: Cozy Podcasts

If you have a few days off for the holidays, consider sinking into a couch with these podcasts. You can enjoy some mindless crafting as you lull yourself into a podcast-induced trance.