release day review

Release Day Review: Degrees

The second episode, though? This is the heart of the podcast. A real story of how someone can use the skills they have in one place, like say HVAC systems, and use it to eventually spearhead a movement.

Release Day Review: Missing Pages

In some ways a true crime “who done it”, we are taken on a familiar feeling path where a case is built and defense is made. This is an easy story to follow, tying in some current events for a full understanding of the elite world we are talking about.

Release Day Review: Legacy of Speed

Hosted by Malcolm Gladwell this six-part series peels back the layers of sport and activism for that historic moment. It gives us the humans behind the pictures, the humans behind the moments we are now so removed from.

Release Day Review: Father Wants Us Dead

Friends of the family, neighbors, police officials, and more lend their voices to a story everyone has talked about. However, until this podcast, no one has dedicated a full feature to the murders of Helen, Alma, Patricia, Frederick, and John.