True Crime

Review: Ransom Position of Trust

The echoes of these tragedies are tendrils that deserve examination and thoughtful approach from every angle, from beginning to end. Even if it makes us uncomfortable.

Review: Up and Vanished: In the Midnight Sun

Episodes are crisp, alluring, and are constantly pushing forward. Listeners get all the true crime anticipation, the mystery, the strong voice of a great host, and a compelling story that actually means something.

Review: The Raven

What makes it a Tenderfoot TV true-crime podcast is that there’s also heart. Through the episodes, you discover Livingston’s true connection to this story, a tragedy he once witnessed mirrors the murders

Review: The Vanishing Point

The storytelling is intense, the production is smooth and almost soft despite the jagged edges of the subject matter. The echoes of the names still skirt across my consciousness, hours after listening to this podcast.