The Monthly Magpie: August 2022

This was a big month for me on this lil ‘ol podcast review blog. For one: I actually got this one out at a reasonable time! Go me!

But,  let’s take a look at the statistics.

Subscriber Growth Rate: 143%

View Growth Rate: 558%

My view rate was three times higher than my next highest view rate. This was all in one month.

Now, I do have some people to credit for this. Katie Couric, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and the very important Arielle Nissenblatt.  I really am crediting Arielle and her 10k+ Twitter followers for this jump.

Creators want criticism even if they huff at it. They might want it more in a controlled manner than I offer, but hey. I'm doing a thing for free over here. This doesn't even begin to mention that when bigger media companies start releasing podcasts, more non podcast listeners are starting to get curious. When more new listeners join us, we need a more vibrant community of criticism to separate the good, the bad, and the really bad (and yes the really, really bad exists).  

I can see that people  are experiencing the frustrations I had with traditional "reviews" on players.  With how many people interact with other media, even casually on Instagram (looking at you bookstagram) - you can get an idea if a book is entertaining, well written, and if it's worth it to dip into it. Podcasts don't have a vibrant community for that conversation. We're working on it but we need creators and listeners to take us seriously and support us in small and big ways. Gavin Gaddis released an excellent article about all of this, this morning.  He has more experience with this than I do- so read this.

Article Here

My mini announcement this month is that there’s now a submission option for your podcasts! Some people already have a pitching relationship with me (you know who you are) but if you’re brand new to pitching to me - go ahead and submit your podcast! It’s my first iteration of this so changes might come. For now, it’ll really help me feel a little bit more put together.

Now, onto the reviews from this month.


Podcast Review

Review Link Here

The podcast about all things Appalachia. Apparently, a new evolution of Appodlachia is coming this week. So while I can say these episodes have been 60 minutes or more - I don’t know what they’re cooking.

I’m excited to see what happens. I really love this podcast, even following them on Twitter has given me such a deeper understanding and appreciation of a culture I’ve always been tangential to.

Podlink Here

Sound of Our Town -  Boston

Episode Highlight

Review Link Here

The travel podcast about music venues. This one is not just great if you’re rolling into a city and curious about the music scene, it’s also basically a thirty-minute spoken word poem. An excellent example of great writing, design, and all-around podcasting. This episode is about Boston, the host’s hometown.

Podlink Here

Missing Pages

Release Day Review

Review Link Here

A fascinating podcast that takes a look at scandals in the publishing industry. Step back to the early 2000s and remember, or learn about the first controversy of the season. In about an hour, you’re taken on a fascinating journey through the publishing industry to find out why a Harvard Sophomore was accused of plagiarizing her debut novel.

Podlink Here

Abortion: The Body Politic

Series Review

Review Link Here

This podcast is a six-part series, with at least one bonus episode, that tells us the story of abortion in the United States. This podcast is incredibly intersectional and full of a passion that knocked me off of my feet. I really recommend everyone interested, curious, or even remotely thinking about this new era in American healthcare listen to this podcast.

Podlink Here


Episode Highlight

Review Link Here

This was an episode I wasn’t prepared for, I won’t lie. Immigrantly’s interview with Rana Ayyub highlighted my own blindspots in the positioning of the United States in the world. It has some heavy topics from an emotional standpoint, and a cognitive one. It’s easy to follow along, but you do have to pay attention. I am grateful that the host, Saadia, reached out to me for a review. This podcast really challenged me and I loved it.

Podlink Here

Disastrous History

Series Highlight

Review Link Here

Not a true series, but the writing of these episodes was heavily documented on Twitter and I wanted to highlight the podcast itself. This is a podcast full of passion and insight. There’s a bit of growth needed in production and presentation, but the writing, information, and heart are here. After all, it's a guy with a microphone and passion.  This series gets dark, and I suggest really considering finishing the third episode if you are particularly sensitive to human tragedy.

Podlink Here


Podcast review

Review Link Here

She knocked that guy out of number one, so I had to listen. I wasn’t shocked because I had zero expectations, but I was particularly delighted. I felt like I was on a lazy river ride. It has a direction, and it’s relaxing to follow along for the ride. Delightfully insightful and extremely well produced, I look forward to listening to more.

Spotify Exclusive: Link Here

Whew That Was A Lot,

Okay, guys…I reviewed a lot this month. I can’t say I’ll be able to continue this streak into the winter but I’m taking this week off of reviews to hopefully give myself a bit of a buffer.

Other podcasts I’ve listened to this month:

Dolly Parton’s America

The Daily


The Tongue Unbroken

Once again,

Thank you to everyone who has joined me on this little journey of mine. I want to hear from people if you have thoughts or just want to say hi. I love when people tell me about their favorite podcast - so feel free to let me know what you love lately.

As usual, it helps a ton if you subscribe. If you already have, I appreciate you so much and I’m brainstorming what more exciting things I can bring to the table for all of us.