The Monthly Magpie: May 2022

The Monthly Magpie: May 2022

Hello there, podcast friends. It’s a little wild to me that we are somehow halfway through the year 2022, but here we are. Magpie is growing little by little, and I'm grateful to everyone who lends me their eyes.

May has been a quieter month in the review world, and for a few reasons. My birthday is something I am notoriously ambivalent about, and so I tend to slow down. I get introspective. Gross, right?

Beyond that, I’m a Buffalo native, and my mom works in an elementary school. The last few weeks have been a little much for me. I'm of the age where I remember Sandy Hook and being in school when active shooter drills became the norm. It's been an exhausting month.

I still did some fun things though, and I’m working towards some more structured content in the coming months. I got some SONY dynamic stereo headphones…so maybe soon we’ll have the Magpie Podcast. Keep an ear out!


I reviewed Father Wants Us Dead, which is now sitting somewhere in the top ten podcasts on Apple Podcasts. Holy wow, and congrats to that team. I’m really enjoying the podcast and while I said “I can’t tweet until I’m done with the Monthly Magpie” I also meant I can’t listen to Father Wants Us Dead. Read my review here.

My proudest moment with this one? I got at least three coworkers listening to it.

Not a Review…but!

I  partnered with GreatPods and we interviewed a little podcast called “And That’s Why We Drink”. Christine and Em aren’t on my active rotations anymore - but they always find their way into my listening cycles between September and November. A podcast that got me listening to these snippets of audio fun, it was absolutely thrilling to be able to chat with them. We had a lot of laughs, and learned about the podcast, their new book, and people who give gifts of human teeth? Read the write-up here, watch the interview here, and buy their new book “A Haunted Road Atlas” here.

Podcasts I listened To:

Short Podcasts are 10-15 minutes, Medium are 30-40 ish. Long are an hour or more!

Solar: Sci fi audio drama. Medium. - Read my review here

Irish Mythology Podcast: Mythology. Long.

Amicus with Dahlia Lithwick: Law. Medium to Long.

Dirty Sexy History: History. Long

Queer Sex Ed: Society and Culture. Long

Sympathy Pains: true crime, con style. Medium.

Mythic Thunderlute: TTRPG comedy, musical. Medium to Long.

Twenty Thousand Hertz: Society and Culture. Medium. Read my review here.

History of Egypt: History. Long.

Away With The Fairies: Mythology. Short.

Blind Landing: Society and Culture, Sports. Short episodes in season, long specials. Read my review of Season One here, and my review of Season Two here.

The History of Vikings: History. Medium to Long.

Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby!: Mythology. Medium to Long.

Relax with Animal Facts Podcast: Science and Nature, Short to Medium.

Stuff You Should Know: Society and Culture. Medium to Long.

All Creatures: Science and Nature. Long.

Nomad: Society and Culture. Long.

Want Me To Review Your Podcast?

Trust me when I say, I want to review your podcast. However, please make me want to review your podcast. If I put out a call, don't just drop a link. Say hi, tell me a little bit about it. I have a lot of podcasts to sift through, give me something more. I'm working on more for this topic so keep an eye out for more on pitching your podcast soon!

Other Fun Not Podcast Things:

I saw Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Yes I have feelings about it, no I really don’t want to talk about it. Okay, maybe I do. You can DM on Twitter or Instagram if you want.

I’m in a tiny bit of a reading slump, but considering I’ve read over twelve books this year and last year I maybe read five in total I’ll handle that.

I’m considering trying my hand at embroidery because my hands need things to do and counting knit or crochet while listening to a podcast can be a bit much.

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