The Monthly Magpie: October 2022

The Monthly Magpie: October 2022

Happy Halloween everyone!

Okay yes, it’s the day after Halloween but I think we’re now in prime Nightmare Before Christmas territory so it both is, and isn’t, Halloween.

If it feels like the daily blob over on my Instagram is the most consistent thing in my life - you’re probably right. I’ve been connecting with a lot of other podcast critics over the last few months and I’ve been a lot more introspective as a writer. I don’t have years staring down this industry, but that’s not a bad thing. I’m figuring out my place now, and what it might grow to be. It is joyful, and a lot of the work doesn’t happen in the open. So I do what I can, I listen when I can, and endlessly, happily consider.

For now, I feel like I’m a critic who’s trying to mostly for the newer podcast listeners, I try to keep my reviews simple, and I’m working on educating myself more on the history of audio as a medium rather than a piece of a larger production puzzle. I’m slowing down in my listening, my writing, and my general podcasting life to take stock of more. I think it will make my content better but just a little slower.

In other news, I have joined the Mods team over at the Podcasting Community Discord that Arielle Nissenblatt whipped up. It’s growing quickly, and it’s a wonderful thing that’s happening. We’re settling in, figuring ourselves out, and hopefully, we have another collective online space to talk about podcasts.

October Reviews:

Death By Dying: Sprinkled in between the twists and turns that made me think faintly of Welcome to Nightvale are these moments of comedic wit that actually make me laugh out loud.

I adore this podcast and think it’s a phenomenal example of what an audio drama can be in very simple terms.

Full Review Here

Podlink Here

Preconceived: I can listen to this podcast just about anywhere, put it down, pick it up, and keep going without much hassle.

Full Review Here

Podlink Here

A great podcast to scroll through when you’re hungry to learn, but just don’t know what for. Dip in and out of Preconceived as you want, it’s a great podcast to get you started on a new topic.

Obsessions: Wild Chocolate:  This podcast has the chance to take something that has become ordinary and makes it something that we remember to take an extra moment to consider. It has an opportunity to be powerful and exciting at the same time.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? What about chocolate that was made from cacao grown without human hands? This is the podcast for foodies with a sense of adventure.

Full Review Here

Podlink Here

Other Podcasts I Listened To:

American Hysteria

Bone Valley

Grim and Mild

Stuff You Missed In History Class


Radio Rental

Wicked Words

Ghost Town

That's all for now, friends.

I'm really glad to be doing this and a lot of things happen in the background. I look forward to the reviews I have slated for November, and overall- podcasts are really, really great.

Cheers for now!