Podcast Review: A CRISPR Bite

It can be a podcast for casual listening, it’s easy enough to understand informationally and production-wise. I have a feeling that people listening to this podcast are already interested in where their food comes from, and what’s happening to it

Magpie Journals # 6: Holding Audio

It’s yours. The crackling before the audio fully starts, the smell as the needle runs across the ridges and grooves, the click of the arm as the record ends. It’s all something you own when your audio is on vinyl.

The Monthly Magpie November 2023

October was a sprinting month for me, but now it's time to look at revisiting reviews from the past year for December. This year we're doing ranked choice voting on seven podcasts. The Top Four will be getting a Release Day Review Revisited in December!

Review: House of Skulls

It is heartwrenching, thought-provoking, and surreal to realize that this history is there and so interconnected with everything we know.