The Monthly Magpie: April 2023

Last month I asked people to let me know how they were feeling about The Monthly Magpie and then, I get a separate email that the response got kicked back. That’s fixed

Review: Unreformed

I was listening to this 10% Happier recently on “The Many Benefits of a “Paradox Mindset””. I was reminded that Anne Frank, Martin Luther King Junior, and Barbara Walters were all born in

Review: Admissible: Shreds of Evidence

This podcast sounds great, which is important to mention. However, this team being so structurally careful is critical to telling this story. They’re making it easy to follow when by all means it should be difficult to follow.

Review: The Turning

Sometimes it’s not about destroying the whole of what’s wrong, it’s about recognizing the parts of something that are harmful, to make the whole better.